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Perfecting the Skin

A couple of weeks ago my team and I were asked to participate in a 50’s inspired project. While doing my research I found there were many variations of what a 50’s makeup entailed different shades of lips ranging from oranges to reds to pinks, doubled winged eyliner versus a single winged just to name a few, but what I found to be a constant was flawless skin. The milky complexion seemed almost un natural, so in order for my 50’s inspired look to remain true I had to add a couple of steps to my usual makeup application. I turned to two products that would not only add that subtle glow that I love but would correct any imperfections in the skin. MAC cosmetics’ prep and prime and strobe cream. The prep and prime contain sillicones that act as fillers creating a smooth canvas to work on. Once applied I decided to add a very thin layer of strobe cream, a product that contains light reflecting pigments to ensure the look of flawless skin especially under a photographer’s light. In addition to the colorless prep and prime MAC offers different color variations in the series to help with color correcting . Green helps to cancel redness, peach works well on with darker skintones to warm places of the face that may appear “ashy” or darker in pigment, and last but not least there is a lavender that helps to bright a dull or sallow complexion. Needless to say adding the extra two steps worked like a charm transporting my 2011 model straight into the 1950’s woman of glamour that we wanted. By the way our images won over the owners of the stellar Tribez saon and spa so much so that they decided to create a brand new marketing campaign using what we created

Behind the Scenes…

In anticipation of our grand opening in two weeks, we are doing a soft launch today for friends and family. I want this site to be an invaluable resource. So I am asking, what do you want to see and learn more about? Industry specifics? Skin care for your adults? Application? Product Reviews? Just comment below and if I do not know the answer I will find it :)

Makeup is more than a career for me, its my life and who I am.

Welcome to my world…


“I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my …….”
Erykah Badu
Yes I am an artist and yes I am sensitive so much that I find myself correcting those who approach me with “you”re Nechelle you do make up right?” No I don’t do make up I am indeed a makeup artist in every sense of the word. The correction is not meant to be rude or condescending but to give an insight to what moves me. I study, I listen, I execute, I perfect. Makeup artistry is not as simple as what I do, there is a certain complexity involved from concept to the end result. Just as any artist who shares and gives a small piece of themselves with every stroke, blend, and application I connect and give to each and every client. There’s something to be said about the silent tear that drops from a client’s eye when their vision has come to fruition because of me and my team or receiving the a strong embrace from a teenage girl who if only for that moment is everything she’s ever wanted to be.
I found this post a fitting way to launch my site so much has happened between my first day at the Utima II counter sweating bullets at the thought of doing my first “makeover” until now where I can open a magazine and see my name in the credits.
In closing I would like to invite all of you to submit topics, suggestions, and questions I not only want this site to be a source of inspiration but also an invaluable resource

Welcome to my world…